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In the Restaurante Alameda we have our own way to work, feel and live this profession. We invite you to know a bit more about us.

Txapartegi brothers, Mikel, Kepa and Gorka (according to order of the picture) lead and manage the Restaurante Alameda from Hondarribia. Together with them, hand to hand, there is a young and united team, which without them this company would not be possible.


1 · Could you define your respective positions within the restaurant?
G / Mikel is the responsible for the dining room, together with my aunt Marivi and Edu. Kepa and me take care of the kitchen to work like an orchestra, although I recognize that everyone here does everything.
2 · How would you describe the spirit of the Restaurante Alameda in a few words?
G / An extreme respect to the product in a family and close atmosphere.
3 · Which are your favourite dishes? And some you do not like?
All / We are fortunate to have access to the best products of each season, and the truth is that we all are off-road cooks and even out of curiosity we tried everything.
4 · A cook that you like?
G / We are surrounded by very good cooks but Hilario Arbelaiz from Restaurante Zuberoa, which I was a student, has been the one the most surprised me. In my view, making art with traditional dishes is the most difficult aspect.
5 · Who would be the best client for you?
K + M / The one that leave himself be advised and carried away. In that way, we can show him much better what Restaurante Alameda is.

6 · A seasonal dish?
G / Now in summer, a tuna from Hondarribia marinated with citrus.

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7 · A dessert?
K / Something cooler, for example fresh cheese ice cream with bitter orange.

8 · What has gained La Alameda with the recent reform?
All / Comfort and intimacy. The client feels more like at home. And we have gained in motivation, which let us evolve.

9 · How do you describe the cuisine of Alameda?
All / It’s a cuisine with roots and at the same time modern. We are looking for the authenticity of the cuisine. We take a lot care of our suppliers and we have enormous respect for the product of our environment. We source products especially from Hondarribia, even we have our own garden.

10 · Any goal to achieve?
All / To work as a team and evolve as a family, there are no individual challenges. We seek further entrenched into our environment and grow without losing the flavours.

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